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Denver Airport pickup & drop-off

Effective 3/27/2020 the staging lot at DEN Airport will temporarily move to the Commercial Vehicle Holding Area on Shady Grove Street.
All drivers should use the Commercial Hold Lot to wait for airport rides. Please see the map below for the location of the new staging lot.

All passenger pickups and drop-offs will take place on Level 5.

DEN Airport Pickups 

  1. You must have Lyft emblems visible on your vehicle's front windshield.

  2. When approaching the Terminal, follow the Commercial Vehicles lane.

  3. Drivers will need to pass through a physical gate arm in order to access to the pickup point.  Airport staff will open the gate for you. If there is no one available, press the button for help.

  4. Contact your passenger and confirm they are at Level 5 - Island 5 outside baggage claim. ​





DEN Airport Drop-offs

  1. Drop-offs have the same flow as pickups until you get to Level 5. 

  2. Drop off passengers on Level 5 - Curbside at the passenger's carrier of choice. 

    • Do not drop-off passengers on Level 4 or 6​


Rematch is a feature that enables you to be matched with additional passenger(s) shortly before or after completing a drop-off without encountering the Access Gate. 

You may drive around the inner loop on Level 5 and proceed to pickup on Island 5. 

If you are not paired with a new ride, you should exit the terminal immediately – you can return to the TNC staging lot if you would like. 



  • To receive requests, you must be in the assignment area (Pink shaded area)

  • Only drivers within the designated area will be added to the queue. You must be within the pink shaded area.

  • Pick ups and Drop offs are ONLY allowed in the Terminal.

More info on TNC Lot HERE

Watch our informational video on how to pickup and drop-off at the Denver airport. 

Trade Dress


  • Emblems must be visible at all times.

  • An amp does not replace the emblems. 

  • Please install your emblems on the passenger right hand side windshield.