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Five 5-Star Tips to Driving in the Snow

No matter how comfortable you are driving in your city, snow transforms your friendly neighborhood into an entirely new world. Here are tips on maintaining your high star rating (and safe driving record).

Call passengers

It’ll take longer than usual to arrive. Say hello, confirm the pickup location, and let them know you’re en route. If possible, estimate your ETA. Many passengers have limited transportation options, so don’t let long ETAs get you down.

Drive slow and steady

You know how to drive in snow, but that doesn’t mean other drivers do. Take your time and be courteous to other cars, especially when merging around high snow banks. Arriving safely is more important than arriving quickly.

Make turn signals your best friend.

Every road is now one lane short due to snow banks, and two-lane roads can quickly turn into one. Use turn signals so your roadside buddies can anticipate an unexpected merge.

Care for your car

Before hitting the road, give your car a check-up. Remove the snow from the exterior, and keep a shovel and ice scraper in your trunk. Fill up on windshield washer fluid to allow for a quick recovery if you get caught behind ice salting trucks. Need snow tires? AnyPerk offers a discount if you’ve given 30+ rides a month.

Safety first

Earnings and passenger demand are high, but safety is the most important factor. Switch out your car to a more winter-ready vehicle here, and if you’re feeling frustrated or uncomfortable driving, take a break.