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Frequently Asked EV Questions

What is an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

  • EVs are vehicles that run exclusively on electricity as opposed to traditional gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicles. EVs get their power from a battery that is charged by plugging the vehicle into a power source like a wall outlet in your garage, or an EV public charging station.

What type of EV does Lyft Offer?

  • The Denver Driver Center has a fleet of two hundred 2019 Kia Niro EVs (one of the largest EV fleets in the Country!). Lyft's Denver EV fleet is available for Lyft Drivers to rent through our FlexDrive rental program. 

What is the range for the 2019 Kia Niro EV?

  • The EPA-estimated range is 239 miles on a full charge. Depending on your driving habits, weather, and terrain, actual range may vary.

How much do FlexDrive EVs cost per week?

  • The FlexDrive program is broken into personal mileage tiers that cater to your driving style. You never pay for miles when you're in 'Driver Mode' with Lyft. Personal miles are the miles you drive when you're offline and not using the Lyft Driver app.

Why are EVs more expensive than Hybrids or gas-powered vehicles in the FlexDrive program?

  • No more gas! EVs cost more per week compared to Hybrids or gas-powered vehicles because the weekly price includes FREE Unlimited Fast Charging. Lyft has partnered with Electrify America and EVgo to provide our FlexDrive EV Drivers with free, unlimited fast charging. Fast charging stations provided by these partners let FlexDrive EV Drivers to charge their Kia Niro EV faster than other methods- charging to 80% in about 35 minutes*. To find charging stations, use the Electrify America or EVgo apps.



How does EV fast charging work?

  • Fast charging on Electrify America and EVgo networks are included in your rental rate. You can find nearby charging on the Electrify America or EVgo apps. Save time by charging to 80% instead of 100%.

Can I charge my EV at other charging stations that aren't part of the FlexDrive fast charging program?

  • Yes! There are plenty of "Level 2" charging stations throughout the State of Colorado and available to the public. You can find these charging stations using the PlugShare app. Level 2 charging stations charge EVs up to 25 miles per hour and charging on partner networks (Electrify America and EVgo) is included in your rental rate. Level 2 charging is great for overnight charging if it's available near your home. If you think you could charge your EV on a Level 2 charger near your home, you may qualify for a cheaper weekly rental rate! Submit your information here or speak with a Lyft Associate today.   

How do I sign up to drive a FlexDrive EV?

  • Sign up to drive today with the links below!

More Questions?

  • Find a more detailed explanation of EVs in the PDF below or visit the Denver Driver Center to ask us more!

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*Charging rates may vary depending on a variety of factors including temperature, station power, and batter level.