New Pilot Program

Charge overnight and receive a bonus of $65 a week


We are piloting a new program where Flexdrive renters in Denver can earn a weekly bonus for charging their electric rental car in a L2 (slow) charger overnight.  


* Spots for this program are limited and are based on eligibility.     

You are a potential fit if:    


You have access to a L2 (slow) charger at or near your home 
* You can use
OpenChargeMap and Plug Share to search.

The charger works (We encourage you to test it!)


The parking spot is available overnight



A weekly bonus of $65 a week

Start your day with a fully charged vehicle

No need to wait for your rental to charge

Want to learn more?
Fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to share more details and review your eligibility for the pilot program*

*This promotion is exclusive to the intended recipient of this message and may not be transferred.

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