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We are excited to announce that Flexdrive is now available. The newest member of the Express Drive family, Flexdrive brings all your Lyft needs seamlessly under one roof.

**Flexdrive has moved! Flexdrive is located at:

2930 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014**



*Looking for Hertz information? Click here.

Similar to our Hertz Express Drive program, you can expect:


  • Reservation deposit. When you reserve a Flexdrive car, you'll be asked to provide a deposit between $250 - $500. 

  • 20 ride minimum. With a Flexdrive rental, you will be required to give at least 20 rides a week. 

  • $219 per week plus tax. This is the base cost you will be expected to pay alongside your 20 ride minimum.​

Unlike our Hertz program, with Flexdrive you can expect:

  • No in-person renewals. As long as you are in good standing with the program - completing the minimum ride requirement, staying up-to-date on charges, and completing preventative maintenance on time - the vehicle is yours to use and earn with. 

  • All your Lyft needs in one place. Flexdrive is located inside the Lyft Aurora Hub Lite! Now you can rent a vehicle, drop-off a lost and found item, or get help with the driver app all in one trip - we're here to help.  


You are responsible for:

  • Preventative maintenance. Every 6000 miles your vehicle is due for maintenance. Lyft will notify you as this time approaches and prompt you to schedule an appointment at one of our pre-approved maintenance vendors. When you arrive, mention that you drive with Lyft's Flexdrive program and the shop will handle the rest. Please obtain a copy of your receipt. 

  • Vehicle damage. If your windshield is chipped or you get a flat tire, it is your responsibility to get it fixed. This cost is not covered by Lyft.


If your car has any change in its condition, but is still safe to drive, you must go to your rental location and report the change of condition ASAP. If you do not do this, it jeopardizes your good standing with the program.

Your cost: You are responsible for any damage repairs up to your $1000 deductible. Your rental deposit may be used to cover a portion of these charges. Please see your Flexdrive rental agreement for more information.


*Please note: Flat tires and broken windshields are your responsibility to fix. Please take your vehicle to a pre-approved service location to have the damage repaired. These locations offer discounts for Flexdrive drivers for your benefit.


While we hope you never have to deal with this, we want you to be prepared. If you get in an accident: 

1. Safety first, always.  Make sure that you and your passenger are okay. 

2. Call 911 & obtain a police report. Take photos of the damage and gather the other party's insurance information.

3. Report the accident to Lyft. Whether you were offline or online at the time of the incident, report the accident to Lyft in the driver app under the "Help" tab or via lft.to/safety.

4. Take photos of the vehicles. Be sure to take photos of all four sides of all vehicles involved in the accident.


If you need to be towed: 

Call our Emergency Roadside Service at (833) - 274 - 5938 and follow the prompts for roadside assistance.

*You are responsible for any damage repairs and fees up to $1000 deductible, regardless of fault. Your rental deposit may be used to cover a portion of these charges.


  • Your Flexdrive vehicle is already enrolled in PlatePass for all toll roads in Colorado.  Payments for tolls will be paid out through your weekly earnings in the Lyft app typically 2 weeks after using a toll road. A 15% fee will automatically be applied to the cost of each toll. 

  • Use the Flexdrive vehicle's toll pass, not a personal one. This will help you avoid being incorrectly double billed.

*Keep in mind: Fees related to taking optional express or HOV lanes aren't paid for by passengers or reimbursed by Lyft.


Lyft Approved Service Locations

*Please note: You must book an appointment ahead of time for all routine maintenance. Be sure to mention this is a Lyft Flexdrive rental for special pricing.
For oil changes or tire
repairs / replacements:

Pep Boys 


All locations in Colorado are valid. 

Please click on the map for exact addresses and phone numbers.

For glass repairs / replacements:

Auto Glass Now 

1357 W. Alameda Ave, Denver, CO

Phone: 303-922-7000

Questions? Contact Us:

  • 24/7 Support. 

    • Emergency Roadside: (833) - 274 - 5938

    • Lyft Critical Response: lft.to/safety

  • Flexdrive Locations. Feel free to stop by the Aurora hub lite during operating hours for non-urgent questions. Find our hours here