Pricing, Fees, & Rewards Overview

General Pricing

The base weekly rate with Flexdrive is $219 plus taxes and fees, which includes 750 personal miles per week. For unlimited personal miles, your weekly rate will be $319 plus taxes and fees. For more information on your weekly rental rate, please review your rental agreement. If your earnings do not cover the base rental rate plus all applicable taxes and fees by 4:59AM on Monday, your card on file will be charged for the difference.

Week 1

Your first billing week will start the day you pick it up. If you pick up any day besides Monday, your first week will be less than seven days — so we’ll prorate the cost accordingly. 

Example prorated Daily Rate: $31.28/day + taxes and fees ($219/7 days)

After the first week

After that first week, the regular 7-day billing week runs Monday to Sunday.

You’ll get your earnings statement every Tuesday. If the balance of your rental isn’t covered by your weekly earnings or Rental Rewards, we’ll charge the credit/debit card on your account. Be sure to have a valid credit/debit card on file at all times to avoid a failed charge and subsequent app deactivation. 

Rental Rewards

You’ll be able to see your specific Rental Rewards requirements and progress in your Dashboard after renting your car. The Rental Rewards tiers are as follows:

80 rides = $80

+20 rides = $45

+15 rides = $65

*Payout and requirements prorated week 1 depending on day of pickup

*Rental Reward tiers are subject to change