Fort Collins Go Guide

Frozen Dead Guy Days is happening in Nederland March 8th - 10th; it’s bound to be bountiful. Here’s when we recommend driving:

  • Friday, March 8th:

    • Events from 4pm - 1am

    • Peak times (likely): 10pm - 1am

  • Saturday, March 9th:

    • Events from 8am - 10pm

    • Peak times (likely): 2pm - 6pm and 9pm - 12am

  • Sunday, March 10th:

    • Events from 8am - 9pm

    • Peak times (likely): 1pm - 5pm and 7pm - 10pm

The three pick-up points are indicated in the map to the right. Drop-off can happen at anywhere that’s legal and safe.

There are events throughout the weekend. For a detailed schedule check (

Street Map

It’s humongous coat season. Check for gloves and hats as passengers exit the car. You may earn a Lost & Found bonus for returning items, or tips for helping passengers keep their stuff together.


Best late night hours & locations to drive! 

High Demand Late Night Hours 

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

12:00 AM -  2:00 AM 

Pickups and Drop-offs in Old Town

 one lane of Mountain Ave is turned into a rideshare only road during late night hours. 

To make pickup and drop-off easier look for the rideshare signs at the designated pickup/drop-off area 

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.28.40 AM.png