Frequently Asked Questions


Renewing Your Rental

As long as you meet the 20-ride requirement and make any necessary payments each week, you’ll be in good standing with our rental partner — and we’ll automatically renew your rental for another 7 days (unless you want to return).

Please Note: Your rental week may not match the standard Lyft week. You can can view your renewal status (eligibility, date, etc) in the Driver Dashboard.

Every 28 days, you’ll need to bring your vehicle back to your original rental location so our partners can run a routine inspection. We’ll do our best to get you in and out quickly so you can get back on the road to keep earning.


If you are involved in a serious accident involving injury, first Call 911 and complete any required accident reporting procedures.

All accidents involving a Hertz Express Drive vehicle, including those that may happen while you are not driving on the Lyft platform, must be reported to Lyft's Critical Response Team at http://lft.to/safety.

Note: Your driver account will be suspended and you will be unable to drive during the investigation period. Lyft's Trust and Safety team will contact you directly to discuss the next steps. If possible, be sure to obtain photos of any damage to the vehicle.

You must come into the Hertz location as soon as possible (during operating hours) to fill out Hertz' Vehicle Incident Report. If possible, please bring a copy of the completed police report and the other drivers' information.

Towing a Hertz Vehicle

If the car needs to be towed, call Hertz emergency roadside assistance at (800)654-5060. Remember to obtain an ERS (Emergency Roadside Service) number and provide it to the Lyft/Hertz representative.

You must come into the Hertz location as soon as possible (during operating hours) to fill out Hertz' Vehicle Incident Report.

Tires and Glass

Tires and glass are the responsibility of the driver.

If you get a flat, please take it to a tire shop that may be able to patch the tire for you.

If the tires are unable to be patched due to low tread, bring the vehicle into the Hertz location for a maintenance swap.

If the tire is unable to be patched due to damage, you may bring it into the Hertz location however you will be charged for the tire.

Any vehicle with glass damage must be returned to Hertz immediately. You may be charged for the glass but will be offered a new vehicle as soon as one is available.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $300 - Evidence of smoking or vaping in the vehicle.

  • $200 - Vehicles returned excessively unclean.

  • $7.99/gal - Refuel fee for vehicles returned with less gas than at pickup.

  • All supplies and documents (Lyft Amp, Registration, etc) must remain with the vehicle. You may be charged for missing items.

Unaccompanied Minor(s)

You may not give a Lyft ride to an unaccompanied minor; 18yrs/old or younger.

This includes if the minors guardian give permission to transport the minor.

Passenger Rules

You may not give a Lyft ride to more passengers than there are seat belts in the vehicle.

You are not permitted to have a personal friend, family member, etc. ride along in the vehicle while you give rides. In the event that a passenger orders a Lyft for 4, in a five seat vehicle, all passengers are entitled a seat in the vehicle, having an additional person in the car at the time of pickup will disrupt this rule.

Should a passenger try to fit more people than are legally permitted in a vehicle or arrive with more passengers than were ordered on Lyft Line, drivers are allowed to cancel the ride.

*Be sure to document the exchange in the comments section of the cancelled ride.

Service Animals

Lyft's policy and the law require all drivers to accept service animals regardless of allergies, fear, religious, or cultural objections.

Service animals are almost always dogs, passengers aren't required to prove their dog is a service animal, and service animals are not required to wear tags.


For more information about insurance, open your driver app and access the side menu by tapping your photo in the top left corner. Tap 'Vehicle' and select the car that you'd like to see the insurance for. Tap 'Lyft Insurance'.

Hertz "Do Not Rent" List

Hertz "Do Not Rent" list is a proprietary debt collection branch of the Hertz organization. The Hertz office which handles these manners closes at 3:30PM MST. The Hertz DNR office can be reached at (405) 775-3091, should you find your way onto the Hertz DNR list, be sure to call this number and get a confirmation number to be allowed to re-rent from Hertz.

*Refer here for PlatePass from Hertz

Airport Rules & Regulations

Refer here for all Colorado airport rules and regulations


Denver Express Drive Locations:

7667 E Iliff Ave, Denver

487 S Broadway, Denver *

5134 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood *

All locations hours of operations Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Asterisks indicate XD locations inside of PepBoys stores