There's a lot to know about your Hertz Express Drive rental - we've done our best to make it easy. Check out the sections below for information on costs, ride counts, rental cycles and more.

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What to expect


  • Reservation deposit. When you reserve a Hertz car, you'll be asked to provide a deposit of $250 - $750. 

  • 20 ride minimum. With a Hertz rental, you will be required to give at least 20 rides a week. 

  • $219 per week plus tax. This is the base cost you will be expected to pay.

  • In-person renewals. Every 56 days you will be required to stop by a Hertz - Lyft location to renew your rental.

  • Stay in good standing. To continue with the Express Drive - Hertz program, you must hit your ride minimum and pay your fee every 7 days. If you fail to complete either of these, your eligibility to rent with program is at risk. Visit your designated Express Drive location immediately. 


  • Fueled up. Make sure your tank is full when you return your car.

  • Clean. Check under the seats and in the trunk to ensure the car is clean.

  • Lyft supplies. You will be asked to return any Lyft supplies you received with the car, like an amp. 

*You are subject to a $250 cleaning fee, $300 smoking fee and/or $7.99/gallon fee for returning a car in unfit condition.  The last day that you have the car is charged a full day fee since day of pickup is free.  Deposits are refunded the following week.


You are responsible for:

  • Preventative maintenance. Oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine checks. If you take care of these at an approved vendor, payment will be covered by your Hertz voucher. 

  • Vehicle damage. If your windshield is chipped or you get a flat tire, it is your responsibility to get it fixed. 


What to do if you get into an accident:

1. Call the police. Safety first, always. Make sure that you and your passenger are okay. 

2. Obtain a police report. Take photos of the damage and gather the other party's insurance information.

3. Report the accident to Lyft. Whether you were offline or online at the time of the incident, report the accident to Lyft in the driver app under the "Help" tab or via

4. Fill out a VIR at HertzCome into your local Hertz branch and fill out a Vehicle Incident Report. It is possible that at this point you may be swapped into another vehicle.


If you need to be towed: 

Call Hertz Emergency Roadside Service at (800) - 654 - 5060. Do not call a third party tow company as this will delay Hertz's recovery of the vehicle and extend your billing cycle.


  • All Hertz vehicles come automatically enrolled for all Colorado toll roads. Payments for tolls will be deducted from your weekly earnings in the Lyft app within two weeks after using a toll road. You will find these charges listed under 'Rental Misc'  in your Weekly Summary.

  • If you choose Express Pay to cash out your earnings early, remember to leave about $50 to account for tolls or your card on file will be charged instead.

  • If you use a Lyft Direct debit card, your card on file will be charged to pay the fee since your earnings are cashed out instantly.

  • Reach out to Hertz billing with questions or to dispute toll charges:  877.411.4300

*Keep in mind: the Lyft app will always opt to take toll roads when it's the most convenient for your rider. Since the rider pays you for the toll fee if they are in your car, you directly pay the fee to the toll company. 


  • Attention Hertz Renters: Hertz renters: your 2020 insurance forms are here! Please be sure to have an electronic or physical copy of the below available at all times while driving your Hertz vehicle.

  • This form will be needed for any incidents and/or accidents you may experience on the road.

  • Want a physical copy? Feel free to swing by your local Hertz Express Drive office during business hours and pick one up. 

Questions? Contact Us:

  • 24/7 Support. 

    • Hertz Emergency Roadside: 800.654.5060

    • Lyft Critical Response:

  • Express Drive Locations. Feel free to stop by our Express Drive locations during operating hours for non-urgent questions. Find our locations here