Important Reminders

Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive & welcoming community, and part of our mission is ensuring people who need rides are able to get them. 

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Wheelchair accessibility

Approaching passengers with a wheelchair:

  • ​Pull up to the side of the curb

  • Many passengers with manual wheelchairs don’t require assistance, so consider asking the passenger, “is there any way I can assist you?”​​

Wheelchair loading tips

  • ​Ask for device storage instructions before disassembling a wheelchair

    • Most wheelchairs will fit in your trunk or backseat, so consider keeping a blanket in your vehicle to lay over your seats.

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Service animals

  • ​Just like people, don't judge a service animal by their breed

  • For easier assistance have the following items accessible

    • Blanket

    • Cleaning wipes

    • Non-drowsy allergy medicine (if needed) 

    • Lint brush (humans shed too!)

  • Riders with service animals won't be charged cleaning fees for normal shedding

You're required by the law and Lyft's policy to accommodate service animals, even if you have an allergy, religious or cultural objections, or a fear of them.

Blind or low vision passengers

  • ​Identify yourself when you approach your customer and speak normally and clearly.  

  • Never touch your customer without asking permission, unless it’s an emergency. 

  • If you offer assistance, wait until you receive permission. Offer your arm (the elbow) to guide the person and walk slowly. 

  • Don’t just assume the individual can’t see you. 

  • Identify landmarks or other details to orient your customer to the environment around them.

  • Be patient. 

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Deaf or hard of hearing passengers

Driver feature

  • If you (the driver) are deaf or hard of hearing, we encourage you to update your app settings here​​


  • Attract the customer’s attention before speaking. The best way is a gentle touch on the shoulder or gently waving your hand. 

  • If necessary, ask if another method of communicating would be easier, for example typing a note on your phone or a pen and paper. 

Accessibility Pro tips

Few things to consider

  • ​Some passengers may need additional time or assistance boarding their Lyft ride

  • If you’re not sure what a passenger needs, ask your passenger, “how may I assist you?”

  • Willingness to find a way to communicate are your best tools

  • Be patient. Some passengers may take a little longer to understand and respond.

  • Ask permission before touching a wheelchair or a piece of equipment.

  • Have a pen & notepad available

  • Always verbally/visually confirm pick up/drop off addresses

We Embrace Diversity and Inclusiveness as Core Values in Achieving Our Mission.

Our mission is to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation