Los Angeles 4th of July Weekend Guide

Gear up for a high earning holiday, LA!

Passengers all over Los Angeles will be celebrating the 4th of July! Here are some of the best places to catch high demand. (expect peak demand to happen shortly after fireworks shows)


Pro Tips

Be Safe

Safety is always our number one priority. We appreciate any time you spend on the road, but no ride is worth putting yourself, your passengers, or your fellow drivers at risk. If conditions are unsafe, or you don’t feel confident driving, please take a break from driver mode.

Call your passengers

Give your rider a call if you need help finding them in the crowd! Be sure to have your Lyft decals on your front and back windshields to help them identify your car.

Gear up

Keep your phone charger handy, and consider investing in an extra cord. Your passengers will appreciate having a full battery to request a ride home after the party, too.

Take a break

Remember to take a break when you need one.