Late Night Driving 

You’ve heard the stories about the weekend party crowd. We’re here with the facts — and the data — about what it’s really like to drive long after the sun has gone down.


What’s the deal with sick passengers?

A sick passenger comes along once in every 3000 rides. You’re unlikely to get one, but in case you do, here’s how to handle it: take 2 pictures and tell us what happened via our online claim submission within 24 hours of incident

How will late night rides affect my driver rating?

Passengers are just as likely to give you 5 stars late at night as they are during other hours. Driving during party hours will not affect your rating.

What does passenger demand look like late night?

Demand is typically 90% higher in Denver from 11PM - 2AM, compared to other times

How much more will I earn if I drive late night?

Drivers typically earn up to 40% more from 11PM - 2AM than they do at other times.

Advice From Fellow Night Owls in Denver

Party hours pit stops for bathroom breaks and late night eats?

Late night hot spots where demand is bound to be high:

  • Spot #1 - Lodo, Downtown Denver

  • Spot #2 - South Broadway, Denver

  • Spot #3 - Cap Hill, Downtown Denver

Driver Secrets:

Tip #1

Keep your AC on, this will help settle any passenger that you think is going to get sick.

Tip #2

Carry waters for dehydrated passengers.

Tip #3

Keep your doors locked and roll your window down to confirm your passenger.