Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Contact Lyft?

If you need help regarding your rides, payments, or other issues, please create a support ticket.

For emergencies, accidents, and safety-related incidents, please contact Lyft CRL agents at the Critical Response Line.

You can also contact Lyft via social media tweet at @askLyft

How Much Can Drivers Make with Lyft?

This has a lot to do with the following factors: When and where you drive, Prime time , Bonuses, Tips, & Your schedule.

On average drivers can make $15-20 an hour depending on the factors listed above.

The more you drive and more you work strategically, the more you can make.

How Can I Beat the Competition and Make More Money?

Study your city, learn what events are happening and when. Work the late night hours when people are going to/from the bars.

If there is an event happening show up 30 minutes before the event ends to pick up people leaving the event.

Always take a look at the Go Guide of the week for events happening around town.

How Can I Predict Prime Time and Always Stay Busy?

It’s tough to predict Prime Time , but one thing is certain: you don’t want to chase it. Pay attention to the busy times in your city, like rush hour, downtown after the bars and clubs close, and events in your city. Try to place yourself in these busy areas ahead of time. For example, the Broncos draw huge crowds, try to be at an area close by about an hour or less before the game gets out.

Why Do I Need Rideshare Insurance? Aren’t I covered by Lyft?

Rideshare driving is divided into three periods: period one is when you’re online waiting for requests, period two is when you’ve accepted a request and are en route to pick up the passenger, and period three is when you’ve acquired the passenger and are driving to their destination.

Insurance Policy: There are four coverages included in our insurance policies (unless noted otherwise). For detailed information on these policies and what to do in the event of an accident, click here. See graphic below for what coverages are active during each phase of driving with Lyft.

Colorado Certificate of Insurance: To view and download a copy of the Colorado certificate, click here.

What’s the Best Vehicle for Lyft Drivers?

Gas mileage – this is why a car like the Prius usually rates highly among Lyft drivers, but it’s not the only car out there with great mileage

Price – what can you afford? The best car for you is the one you can afford to get (within reason) Is your vehicle too old for Lyft driving (2004 or newer)? Check out our rental program for options to drive for Lyft

Comfort/style – even part time drivers will be in their cars a lot, so having a comfortable ride as a driver is just as important

What’s the Best Phone for Lyft Drivers?

The best phone for Lyft drivers also depends a lot on your own preference, affordability, platform, etc.

Many drivers have a “type” of phone – Android or iOS. the Lyft platform is compatible with all smart phones apps.

Like the best type of car to use for Lyft, the best type of phone to use is one that you can afford.

Will Ignoring Lyft Shared rides get me deactivated?

Ignoring Lyft Shared ride requests will not get you deactivated. You can ignore or decline these rides entirely if you’d like, although it will affect your acceptance rate. If you’re trying to go for a bonus that requires a certain acceptance rate percentage, and you get a lot of Shared requests, it’s probably in your best interest to accept them.

Also, declining rides may not get you deactivated, but it’s not to say you won’t be put in a “time out” for too many declines.

What Happens if I Can’t Find My Passenger?

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be able to find your passenger, including a busy, crowded event or a misplaced pin. Regardless of the reason, you want to find your passenger quickly and get on the road.

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re in a safe location – not double parked, not in a fire lane, not at a stoplight. If you can’t quickly find your passenger, pull over where it’s safe, even if that means your passenger may have to walk.

Next, call your passenger. Tell your passenger “I’m in the purple car at the cross streets of [your cross streets]” Make sure to give your passenger street names so it’s easier for them to see where they are in relation to you.

Can I Advertise Local Businesses/My Own Business in My Car?

Yes, you can advertise for local businesses or your own business in your car. One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash in your car is by offering snacks

What Can I Do If a Passenger Asks Me to Do Something I Don’t Want to?

Passengers can ask for a lot of random stuff: can I bring a dog, will you help me with my groceries, can you carry this? In many cases, helping passengers is up to you. You don’t have to agree to anything if you don’t want to, don’t have time, or physically can’t. As a Lyft driver, your job is to get people from A to B safely.

Lyft does have an option for passengers to do multiple stops. It is possible that you will have to make multiple stops with the same passenger.

That said, there may be times when you don’t mind going through the drive-thru or helping someone struggling with their groceries. This is many cases will help you make extra money. Most passengers who you help with small stops or tasks will tip you, sometimes more than the cost of the ride.

Do I Have to Provide Child/Infant Car Seats? Do I Have to Take Minors?

No, drivers are not expected to provide child/infant car seats, nor do they have to take small children without booster seats. If you do decide to take an infant without a car seat, keep in mind this is a big liability issue. If you get into an accident with an unrestrained infant, you can imagine the myriad of terrible things that could happen, regardless of what type of insurance you have.

It also is illegal in Colorado to have an infant ride in someone’s lap, so even if a parent insists, we recommend not taking children who should be in booster/car seats in your car.

Which Map App is the Best for Drivers?

Google Maps and Waze are the best map apps for drivers, and between the two of them, you can view a showdown here: Who Would Win in a Fight, Google Maps or Waze?

How Can I Improve My Ratings?

One of the best ways to improve your ratings is by understanding what passengers want – but how do you do this? By taking a ride (or several!) as a passenger.

A few more keys things that help drivers get good ratings:

Good navigation – use a map app and become familiar with your city

Efficient service – get to your destination as quickly as possible – if you know a true short cut, let your passenger know you’re taking a short cut to get them there quickly and safely

“Reading” your passenger – not every passenger will be interested in talking to you, while others may want to be your best friend! Others may be tourists with lots of questions – it’s a skill to read people, but if you can learn this skill, you’ll be on your way to higher ratings