Let’s Walk Through Your Rental Cycle

Rental Cycle


One of the more flexible benefits of Express Drive is the option for automatic weekly renewals. As long as you meet the 20-ride requirement (the 20 rides are expected to be completed on a Monday - Monday basis, with midweek pickups leading to a proration in the 20 rides for that week) and make any necessary payments each week, you’ll be in good standing with our rental partner — and we’ll automatically renew your rental for another 7 days (unless you want to return). 

You can see your auto-renew status in the Dashboard under the vehicles tab.

Every 56 days, you’ll need to bring your vehicle back to one of our four express drive rental locations so our partners can run a routine inspection. We’ll do our best to get you in and out quickly so you can get back on the road to keep earning. We’ll remind you when to bring in your car a couple days before its due.


You can return any time at an Express Drive rental location during normal business hours. You’ll only be charged for the days you had the vehicle. So let’s say you renew a rental on Monday the 1st, and return it the following Thursday, the 4th, we won't charge you for the last three days of the rental week.

Be sure to check in with a Lyft associate when you return so we can make sure everything’s buttoned up.

When you return, if necessary, your rental deposit will be used to cover any outstanding payment obligations on your rental vehicle like damages or failed charges from the week of return. After you return your rental, the remainder of your deposit — or the full amount, if it wasn’t needed to cover any additional costs — will be available in your Earnings Statement within two weeks.

Remember to refill your gas tank to the original level at which you rented it. Hertz charges $7.99/gal to refuel.

Cars will need to be cleaned out and wiped down before returning.

Vehicle Swaps

Rental swaps are permitted for all drivers in the Express Drive program. However, all swaps are constrained by the vehicle availability of our rental partner. Mechanical swaps will have preference over preferential swaps with our rental partner.

When swapping your rental vehicle, the same rules apply when returning, the vehicle must be clean inside and out with the gas tank at the same level at which it was rented.

If you are in need of a vehicle swap, please use the button below to open a vehicle swap ticket. We will review the submission and follow up as soon as possible.


Denver Express Drive Locations:

7667 E Iliff Ave, Denver

487 S Broadway, Denver *

All locations hours of operations Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Asterisks indicate XD locations inside of PepBoys stores