Ski Rack Mode

Winter is the season for out-of-towners to take in the slopes. Lyft lets passengers request a car with a ski rack so you can take them and their gear around to any of our many Colorado mountain regions. We’ll email you when it’s live, but be ready to go from day one and sign up now ›

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How does Lyft with ski racks work?

Simply pick up your passenger, they put their gear on your ski rack or in your truck bed, and you drive like you normally would. Know how your rack works and be ready to instruct passengers if they need some guidance.

When will this launch?

This ride type is launching this winter. Opt into Ski Rack Mode now and we’ll send you a text when it goes live.

Where will this be available?

Lyft with ski racks will be available in the following Colorado mountain regions:

Summit/Clear Creek (Includes Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin)

Vail, Beaver Creek

Aspen, Snowmass

Steamboat Springs


Crested Butte

Wolf Creek

Winter Park, Granby

How do I join?

If your car has a truck bed or ski rack installed, click here to sign up ›

Once you’re approved and the ride type is live, you’ll start receiving requests.

What are the vehicle requirements?

Any approved vehicle on the Lyft platform qualifies as long it is equipped with an approved ski rack or a truck bed.

What are the ski rack requirements?

Your ski rack must hold at least four pairs of skis or two snowboards.

But I don’t have a ski rack. How can I get one?

Click here to sign up and have access to exclusive 40% off discounts on Yakima ski racks.

How will I know if I’m approved?

Complete the sign-up form to add a ski rack, and we’ll send you an SMS once you’re approved.