Tolls & Your Rental

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Don’t let tolls take a TOLL on you!

Adding a Rental Car to an ExpressToll Account

ExpressToll customers can add a rental car license plate number to their toll account. To ensure the tolls are properly billed to the account a customer must:

  •   Add car to the account BEFORE driving on the toll road

  •   Include a start and end date when the car drives the road

Adding a rental plate to an ExpressToll account allows customers to pay the tolls only and avoid the additional administrative fees charged by Hertz for driving their rental car on a toll road.

Rental vehicles not properly added to an ExpressToll account are billed through Hertz.

Rental Car Tolls Billed Through Hertz

Hertz will bill the tolls to the customer based on the terms written in the rental agreement. This includes additional administrative fees for toll road usage. Enrolling in ExpressToll will prevent these extra fees.

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